Polish Change – $15
Don’t try and do it yourself if you are in a hurry! Call today and come see us for a quick color change.

Shellac Nails – $30
Work with your hands a lot? Love wearing polish but hate the way it wears off? Shellac is perfect for you! No more waiting for your nails to dry. Long-lasting color that looks great from the first day it’s put on. Doesn’t damage the nails. Great for natural or acrylic nails.

Manicure – $25

The Traditional Pedicure – $50-$55
After soaking in the spa chair, your feet are exfoliated with sea salt scrub followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage using OPI foot lotion and massage oil. Then your tired feet are dipped in hot paraffin wax and cooled off with peppermint foot talc. Finally, your calluses are removed, nails maintained and polished.

Full Set of Acrylics -$50

Acrylic Fills -$30

Dip Nails -$40

Also available for additional charge: Gel polish with Acrylics, Nail Art, Stickers, Glitter, Foil, Gems, French, and Paraffin Wax- Prices Vary