To book your massage appointment, please contact Brandy Jennings by call or text at 870-204-2696.

60 minutes | 65

90 minutes | 95


What kind of massage do you offer?

“I currently offer therapeutic massage. It is a combination of relaxing Swedish massage, gentle range of motion stretching, and therapeutic deep tissue (including cupping if applicable). We work together on a treatment plan to customize the massage for the most benefit for you.”

Where can I go for a massage?

“I work by appointment only, either at my office within Trenz in Harrison, AR, or mobile/outcall massage where I will gladly come to your location. Fees vary based on distance. If you’re in Harrison, AR, there are no additional fees.”

How much space do I need for you to work for mobile massage?

“The available floor space that I will need to work is roughly 5.5 ft X 10ft. For visualization, this is about the same size as a twin size bed with room to walk all the way around on all sides. If you do not have this much space available, let’s discuss it. Maybe we can come up with a solution that will work.”

What do you bring with you to a mobile massage?

“I bring my massage table or chair, linens, lotion or oil, a small stool, and a speaker (in case you would like to listen to some music while you receive your massage).”

How much time do I need to set aside for my mobile massage?

“Very good question! An hour massage is an hour of massage time. Included in your fee is setup and breakdown time as well as your complimentary consultation at the beginning of your massage. Please plan massage appointments should only take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

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